Letter integration with Adobe Express

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Adobe Express makes it easy to get started with thousands of beautiful templates, plus assets for social media content, logos, and more. This Letter integration lets you pull those assets right into your newsletters!

  • Remove Image Backgrounds

    The Letter integration with Adobe Express brings intuitive tools that let you remove backgrounds, animate text, add your brand, and so much more.

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  • Advanced Image Editing

    A full blown image editor, right inside Letter. Now you can tweak colors, alter positioning, add overlays, and much more! No more jumping between design tools.

3 Simple Steps

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    Sign into Adobe Express
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    Access 1000s of templates
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    Customise and insert

Work Faster and Smarter

Save time with templates

Need to create a newsletter banner? Adobe Express brings thousands of beautiful templates to help you create what you need, faster.

A designer at your fingertips

In just a click, you can remove backgrounds, crop images, and so much more. No need to open a design tool - it's all inside Letter with Adobe Express.

Works with all your apps

Access logos, branded assets, and images specific to the project you're working on. With the Letter integration for Adobe Express, you also get access to all your Creative Cloud Libraries.

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