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An AI-assisted newsletter builder for content creators, designers, and developers.

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Meet the AI Writing Assistant for Your Newsletter

Newsletters that write themselves. No more writer's block – Letter's AI writing assistant is here to help.

Get Content Suggestions

Generate newsletter introductions in just a click. A great starting point to build upon.

Rewrite Article Blurbs

Tired of coming up with article descriptions? Letter will fetch them and rewrite them for you. 

Traditional email tools are clunky and time consuming.

It's slow and painful to add content.
A broken experience.

Letter does the work for you.

Automate the work. Faster email design, without the manual copy-paste tasks.

One click import

Bring in all your content. Fetch the title, description and images from any article link. No more back and forth.

Ready made components

Start with our 50+ ready-made design modules and growing template library.
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"Creating monthly newsletters became the bane of my working life. I was wasting so many valuable hours cropping, copying and pasting. Letter has solved this issue beautifully. I'm even looking forward to creating next month's!"

Sophie Clifton-Tucker

Editor-in-Chief of The Gibraltar Magazine and Gibraltar Business, CEO of Little English Language School (Gibraltar)

Ready-made design components

Everything you'll need to start a curated newsletter.
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Go from design to inbox in 4 steps:

Letter automates all the mundane tasks, so you can spend your time crafting the actual content.
  • 1

    Start with a template

    A library of ready-made templates to start with.
  • 2

    Drag and drop components

    Build newsletter layouts using drag and drop components. Build your own from HTML, or import designs from Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • 3

    Instantly import your content

    Paste a link, and import content in one click. Fetch images, titles and descriptions in no time.
  • 4

    Export to code and send

    Preview the code, and export it in single click.
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Plugins are on the way.

Import banner designs directly from Adobe Creative Cloud. Go from Artboard to HTML, to people’s inbox.
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Plugins and Integrations

  • CodePen
  • Adobe Express
  • SendGrid
  • HubSpot

Responsive and Cross-platform

Letter templates look great in all email clients and screen sizes, such as:

  • Windows

    • Outlook for Windows
    • Outlook Web
    • Internet Explorer
  • Mac

    • iPhone, iPad, MacBook
    • Apple Mail
    • Safari
    • Thunderbird
  • Web

    • Gmail
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
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Create your own publication

Once you've made your newsletter, share it in your publication with your own branding.
  • Publications

    Add your brand and create a publication with an archive of your Letters.
  • Image Libraries

    Upload your images to your own collection. We'll host them for you in the Letter cloud.
  • Creator Profiles

    Get your own profile page to share your newsletters and grow your audience.
  • Template Marketplace

    Add your own templates to the Letter template library for anyone to use.
  • Hosted Pages

    Letter hosts your newslettersΒ as web pages, so you can share them with your audience.
  • Component Collections

    Create new components from your own code (coming soon).

Meet the creator

I built Letter out of my own need when sending my weekly Prototypr newsletter.
  • Graeme Fulton
    Graeme is creator of Letter. He wanted an easier way to create newsletters.

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